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Loving myself was not easy, but God made away.

I graduated from Burke High School in Charleston, South Carolina in June, 1977. I stood around with my classmates conversing and waiting for our homeroom teacher to put us in line for the graduation ceremony.

I was very surprised that my teacher put me towards the back of the line. Since my last name began with “A” (Alston; when I became an adult, I changed my name), I thought I would be in the front of the line. I was told by a fellow Special Education student, that the “smart students” were in the front, and the “dummies” were in the back. That's when I realized that while others in my homeroom class were reading novels, poetry, and writing essay, I was in the 12th grade reading The Cat in the Hat and The Lady and the Tramp! I was graduating from high school, but I was still functionally illiterate!

Yes, it was my graduation day, but instead of feeling proud, I was sad, and felt like crying. My family was happy for me, but they didn’t know my pain and embarrassment. I was confused about what to do with my life. I had no scholarship offer at any college and I failed the Navy exam. I almost given up my childhood dreams of traveling the world. Luckily for me, I did however, have faith that the Revolutionary Spirit of God had something better in store for me.

November 1977, the day after Thanksgiving, I moved with my sister Jackie, to Atlanta, Georgia, and later joined the Shrine of the Black Madonna Church in 1978 which would change my life forever! I got the chance to travel to many parts of the world as a Missionary. In addition, I have written 8 books and 3 musical albums. I also became the recipient for the 2002 Shakepeare trophy and gold medalion for my poem "Sunshine Lady" by the National Poetry Society.

In closing, thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Perhaps you’ll refer a friend; and for that, I would be most grateful.


Poet Dadisi

Defying Limitations

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